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LP-3 Operations Update


LP-3 Operations Update


A major overhaul to the draw-works was completed during the 3rd Quarter 2017 to ensure safe and efficient on-going operations , after which, drilling resumed on the 6th October 2017. Well LP-3  was  drilled to 2013m without incidents, and logged. The intermediate 13 3/8” casing was set at 2010m. The 12 ¼ “ open hole section was drilled to 3868m by the 22nd  December 2017.  After logging the open hole section the company is currently preparing to run 9 5/8“ casing.


Due to the shutdown of drilling activity throughout July, August and September to allow for the full inspection, repair and overhaul of the well and equipment, winterization of the rig was completed in November, and  a revised prognosis for the completion of the well and release of the rig is now April 2018.


05 January 2018

Date: 5.01.2018