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SubSoil Use Contract Update

Lucent Petroleum LLP – LP-3 Operations Update



1st November 2018 -  Lucent Petroleum LLP an independent Sub-Soil Use Contractor in Kazakhstan hereby provides the following update on operations on the HTHP Munaibai well  LP-3, located near the Mertvyi Kultuk embayment  in the Mangistau Oblast



·         Well LP-3 drilled to a total depth of 4750m on the 2nd May 2018

·         The well encountered good hydrocarbon shows while drilling

·         Logging confirmed net pay in fractured Permian Dolomitic limestone, and oil in tight Triassic sandstones

·         Permian Carbonates tested gas-condensate at commercial stabilised rates. 

·         The Triassic sandstone section was tested over two intervals and recovered minor quantities of oil.

·         The ZJ70 rig XDEC-25 operated by Vostokneft Munai Services was released on the 11th of September 2018

·         The company is currently planning a hydraulic fracture test of the Triassic interval.


After significant initial delays following the spud in 2017 the well was drilled without major incidents. Testing of multiple zones was carried out over the summer months and Lucent notified the authorities of a discovery with commercial flow rates, which was acknowledged by the authorities on 23rd  August 2018.



Well LP-3 was drilled 1.2 km from well M-10 spudded in 1989. M-10 encountered shows in the Permian interval but failed to flow on test. The company re-evaluated the results of well M-10 and in 2012 acquired 3D seismic surveys across much the block including Munaibai.


Having now successfully drilled and tested LP-3, the company is waiting on the outcome of its current application with the Ministry of Energy to expand the block before planning the next phase of appraisal and delineation of the Munaibai structure.





HTHP -                  high temperature high pressure well drilling parameters

Net Pay -             hydrocarbon bearing rock formation

Spud -                  to begin to drill a well

Sub-Soil Use -    a direct translation from Russian and Kazakh of the term for subsurface mineral  and hydrocarbon extraction



Дата публикации: 28.05.2018