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The company’s main activities are the subsurface evaluation and operational activities on the “Yuzhnaya” Block.

Lebyazhye Field Appraisal

The Lebyazhye Discovery, located in the North-West part of the block, was delineated by the 3D seismic acquired in 2009. Earlier in the 1980’s two Soviet wells (J-1 and J-11) tested oil and gas on the flank of the structure at depths of approximately 3500m.

In September 2011 Lucent drilled well L-14X to a total depth of 3760m (MD) and encountered two hydrocarbons intervals in the Triassic. After recovering oil and gas to surface from the lower interval, the well was frac’d and tested at sub-commercial rates during 2012. The upper interval (F15) was tested at rates of up to 200bopd  in late 2014, and the company has approved GKZ reserves on the field (66 mmbbls STOIIP) prior to seeking approval for Pilot Production (Trial Industrial Test Production).

East Munaibai Field Appraisal

East Munaibai Structure lies in the southeast boundary of the block. Re-processing and re-interpretation of seismic data has confirmed that the structure lies substantially inside the Lucent Block. In 2017 Lucent spudded a well planned to drill to 4700m (due to complete in 2018) to appraise the western extent of the East Munaibai structure on its Contract Area.

 Yuzhnaya Block Exploration

The company has prioritized a large number of prospects and leads with a combined unrisked resource potential of approximately 800 mmboe, for further exploration.

The company is preparing a 4 well drilling progamme (including East Munaibai) from 2017 onwards targeting prospective resources 210 mmboe. Kazakh regulatory and procurement legislation require that planning and preparation must be initiated some twelve to eighteen months prior to spudding, depending on the depth of wells to be drilled. It is anticipated the three exploration wells following East Munaibai will be drilled in 2018 to 2020.

 In addition to exploring the Yuzhnaya Block, Lucent Petroleum LLP is continuously evaluating new opportunities in the CIS and neighboring Countries.