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Company background

Lucent Oil & Gas (Cyprus) Ltd is a privately owned company registered in Cyprus, which acquired a 99%* interest in the Yuzhnaya Sub-Soil User Contract in 2008, and operates the Contract through its subsidiary company Lucent Petroleum LLP with offices in Almaty. Lucent Petroleum together with sister service company Vision Energy Services LLP have a staff of approximately 18 people of which 50% are technical.

The company has proven technical and  operating capabilities having acquired, processed and interpreted extensive 2D and 3D seismic across the block, and drilled two wells between 2010 to 2013,. The company aims to maintain a high standard of corporate governance, and is run in a transparent, ethical style according to international industry standards.

The Lucent Block covers an area of 1341 square kilometers, and is located on the Caspian Sea transition zone and is seasonally flooded.  It lies 14 km south the Prorva fields operated by KMG, and 40 km south of Tengiz field. Excellent oil export and service infrastructure is afforded by the numerous nearby producing fields.

The exploration block is referred to as the Yuzhnaya block, due to the giant Yuzhnaya Palaeozoic carbonate platform in the east of the contract area. It was explored during the Soviet period and is well known for being breached, containing largely residual hydrocarbons, unlike its twin Tengiz just to the north. In 2011 Lucent has drilled an appraisal well on the crest of the platform and is now testing hydrocarbons from overlying Triassic sands.

Just to the east is a smaller carbonate platform system covering 130 square kms, that was not fully evaluated by Soviets. An extensive 3D seismic programme was acquired by Lucent in 2012, which has yielded a number of associated prospects within the block for drilling.

*Lucent has subsequently acquired the remaining 1% interest and owns 100%  of the Sub-Soil User Contract.